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5 Reasons why A Twin-MBA is Beneficial

The course of Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is definitely a rage and offers top-notch jobs to the candidates who pursue an MBA. Irrespective of gender, MBA courses are the most sought after courses in today’s dynamic world. However, you may wonder should I opt for MBA in colleges near my hometown or should I opt for an MBA abroad. The director of the best MBA institute in Punjab, SOIS, School of International Studies, Mohali, suggests joining a twin MBA program.

SOIS offers a twin MBA program where the candidate initiates two years MBA in India and continues the remaining two years in the best institutes abroad. The collaboration with over 70 universities in the world has proved successful for MBA aspirants.

Why should I pursue an MBA abroad?

The curriculum of MBA covers a wide aspect from the inception of the business to financial accounting, market analysis, strategic management, economics, taxation laws, and policies. The whole curriculum makes the approach of the candidate holistic and versatile.

If the candidate gets an opportunity to enroll for a twin MBA Admission program, the benefits are quadrupled. Following are the reasons why you must enroll for a twin-MBA degree:

Global Problem Solving Approach

Studying in domestic as well international scenario will apprise you of the market trends all around the globe. Having studied abroad you will be able to practically implement the effect of change in one policy over the global market. You will be able to apply a global perspective to your business or job on a wider platform.

Spark Entrepreneurial Ideas

Working on theoretical and practical aspects of business and analyzing case studies across the globe will spark off a novel and dynamic entrepreneurial ideas. You will look for problems across the globe and try and invent unique solutions through your product. Be a game-changer and not a game-follower.

Experience Diversity

Interacting and exchanging ideas with students of all age groups, color and cultures will widen your horizon. The diversity in language thought processes and an amalgam of ideas across the globe is a holistic experience and will train your mind to gain from diversity and enable you to work in a diverse ambiance.


With an MBA in the home country as well as abroad, you create a huge network of future business clients and network of people who will refer you and help you in your prospective across global boundaries. With online partnerships, you may land up creating a team that works 24*7 across different zones for your new start-up. Networking is one of the keys to success in business and job recruitment in evolving times.

Better Job Opportunities

MBA does mean better job opportunities but with twin-MBA you can capture the benefits of greener pastures abroad and seek the best on-campus jobs in your dream country and learn and earn worth your true potential.

Last Words

SOIS Mohali offers the pathway to get into the top universities across 70 countries and is the best result-oriented MBA & BBA colleges in Punjab. Enroll for the twin MBA program and envision yourself as a future leader.

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